5,555 uniquely generated Tubbies.

Divided by clans, united by a singular goal. To dominate the blockchain!

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(post launch)

⚪ 500 Draft letters are mailed out (Reservation of 500 Whitelists spots)

⚪ Clan Regiment formation starts taking place (Verification of Holders)
⚪ Stats & properties of Tubbies are gauged (Attributes metadata and ranking reveal)

⚪ Foundations of Tubbie DAOmination are laid.
(TubbieDAO creation)
⚪ Treasury is created for funding artillery & recruitment (Creating community wallet with upto 50% distribution of royalties of secondary marketplace)

⚪ Battle Strategies are formulated for the Tubbie DAOmination (Surprise 😉)
⚪ Working alongside rebels, punks, waywards to send the message that Domination is near! (Commissioning street artists to create murals/artwork around the world)

⚪Exclusive Battle Attire (Holder exclusive Merch)
    ○ Phone cases
    ○ Face masks
    ○ Shirts
    ○ Mugs
    ○ Caps
    ○ Tank Tops
    ○ Stickers
    ○ Keychain
    ○ Plushie
⚪ Revival 1.0
(Donating 100,000$ to Charities chosen by our communities!)
The charities will relate to the 4 elementals that our Tubbies are classified by:

    ○ Earth
    ○ Fire
    ○ Water
    ○ Air

⚪ Aid 1.0
(Setting up a 100,000$ fund to help, guide and support budding NFT artists &projects that the Tubbie Army chooses)

⚪ Expansion 1.0
Deployment of Tubbies into the Metaverse
(100,000$+ dedicated to iOS/Android/PC game development)

⚪ Expansion 1.1
Armor, weapon upgrades & Retrofittings issued to the Armies (Future airdrop to holders, with in-game functionality)

phase 2

⚪ TUBBIES.HQ - In game HQ where players and friends can hang around, chat, listen to music, etc

⚪ TUBBIES.TRADE - In game escrow for trading tubbies to complete TUBBIES.ALLIANCE

⚪ TUBBIES.STAKE - Stake genesis tubbies to earn $TUBB until launch of total domination! (With NFT integration)

⚪ TUBBIES - Total domination fall guys inspired P2E game powered by SOLANA
⚪ Investment education

⚪ Technical and fundamental analysis education

⚪ Risk management, entering trades, stop losses, taking profits

⚪ Monthly, quarterly picks

⚪ Defi - Staking, farming, pools


⚪ NFT analytics
⚪ Check TUBB-O-NOMICS for $TUBB tokenomics

⚪ 25% - 50% royalties to be provided as liquidity on consultation with daomination

⚪ Airdropped to holders (Proportional to amount held)

⚪ Listing of $TUBB on dexlab and subsequent exchanges.

⚪ Farming $TUBB on cropper
⚪ Gen 2 tubbies with brand new attributes that can be custom built on the tubbies.io website

⚪ Gen 2 tubbies can be used in-game in total domination! game

⚪ New attributes, new rarities, new mayhem!

Tubbies Lore

The turn of the 20th century brought many new things to our world. It also brought the Tubbies.

Innocent, cuddly and naïve to the real world, the Tubbies were no different to any of us initially, but forgotten to time and left to fester in long lost nostalgia, they started to evolve. They slowly started to change....

In the beginning, there were only 4 elemental Tubbies, living harmoniously and peacefully, blissfully ignorant to harsh realities.

This would only be temporary however...

Then came 2008, The financial crash and the Tubbies, for the first time, witnessed the futility of these mainstream institutions. They witnessed the suffering of the humans firsthand, they observed the suffering brought on by the humans as well, and this was the first spark...

It was here that they came upon the blockchain. They observed it's utility, they noticed it's potential and they understood it's value. [What they didn't notice, however, was that the very same human lust for power, had crept into them slowly, contaminating their mind and changing them forever.

The 4 elemental Tubbies could no longer live and work together, for each of them had plans of their own. Their own ideologies and their own strategy to harness this new found technology. Each of them wanted the blockchain for themselves. So they separated, vowing if they would ever come together again, it would be for only one reason...

To battle for the blockchain!

total domination white paper

Read all about Tubbies.

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When are the tubbies deployed? How much?

The drop date is Mid January to Early February (follow our social channels for exact date and time). We are closely monitoring the price of Solana and we plan on keeping it anywhere between 1.5-2.5 SOL

What are Tubbies?

The Tubbies are a race of 5555 warriors, separated by clans but united by ambition to dominate the blockchain.

Why should I buy a Tubbie?

Not only are the Tubbies a completely community-oriented project, the individual NFTs are beautiful pieces of art that we have put enormous effort into while designing and creating.
Further reinforcing our commitment to the community, we have guaranteed a charity fund, video-game and a fund to aid other up and coming NFT projects.
Be sure to check out our roadmap for more details!

Is there a limit on how many I can mint?

Yes and no. We will be limiting people to 1 tubbie per transaction. This does mean you can return to the mint section as many times as you want though.

How many different traits are there?

The Tubbies have over 80 different traits with 350+ variations.

Will there be a secondary market?

Yes, we will be listing on secondary marketplaces as soon as we're allowed to do so.

Will there be future airdrops?

Yes, there will be future airdrops.

Who created the Tubbies?

DecentraLabs + Eshan Hamza are the creators of the Tubbies.




Frontend Developer

@ vuraZZ

Project Lead

@ EshanHamza

( Sol ) e Artist

@ spaino

Community Head

@ bratzz

Backend Developer

Trait Rarity

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